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  • Fredrick


    “Camillo has tattooed me for the last 9-10 years, and the reason that I keep coming back to him is because he is a pleasant person and is great at his craft.”
  • Stine


    “I’ve been tattooed twice at Calm Tattoo, and it’s definitely not the last time! I know that I will be returning because of their amazing artists and their comfortable surroundings.”
  • Toke


    “I’ve been tattooed by Camillo for the last 10 years, and every time I go to the studio it feels like coming home. It’s super cosy and you feel very safe.”
  • Danni


    “I feel safe coming to CALM Tattoo. They’re amazing craftsmen, and every time I present an idea for them, it always turns out much better than what I could ever imagine.”
  • Rasmus


    “I found Camillo’s beautiful art on instagram, and I knew I wanted to be tattooed by him. I’ve been tattooed by him several times now, and I feel that going here almost has a therapeutic effect on me.”
  • Conrad


    “The main reason I go here is the comfortable and safe environment. Since the first time I went, I’ve felt that my wishes for my tattoo was heard and respected, while the artist didn’t compromise with the artistic aspect of the design.”
  • Jesper


    “I’ve had all my tattoos done here at CALM Tattoo. I feel very comfortable with Camillo and the work that he does. He’s always open to my ideas while still giving them his own touch.”